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Loren Cook

Centrifugal, In-line, Plenum, Propeller, Tube-axial & Vane-axial Type Fans; Industrial Material Handling Fans; Energy Recovery Units; Quick Shipment Program; Selection Software and CAD Template Package

  • Blowers/Fans for all types of applications
  • Power Ventilators for all types of applications
  • Laboratory Fume Hood Exhaust Systems
  • Fiberglass Centrifugal Fans

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American Fan Company

Fixed & Controllable Pitch Vane Axial, Mixed-Flow Vane-Axial Fans

  • Centrifugal and Vane Axial Fans to 350,000 CFM
  • Smoke Exhaust and High Pressure Fan

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Eastern Metal Company

System design software includes acoustics; Custom diffusers and Integral Silencers

  • Round, Oval, and Spiral – Single and Double Wall
  • Self sealing Duct Systems

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Metal Aire

Healthcare, Environmental & Security specific designs; Under Floor Devices including VAV; Displacement, Fire Rated & Custom Linear Diffusers

  • Air Distribution Devices & Under Floor Systems
  • Constant & Variable Volume Air Terminal Unit

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Industry Leader in Miami-Dade Approved Louvers and UL Classified Dampers; AMCA Certified Ratings; Industrial and Process Systems

  • Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers, Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers
  • Hurricane and Wind-Driven Rain Louvers
  • Ceiling Radiation Dampers and Backdraft Dampers
  • IAQ and Air Measuring Dampers and Stations
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators and Concentric Diffusers

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Fan & Stack Silencers; Acoustical Panels, Plenums & Enclosures

  • HVAC Acoustical & Silencing System
  • Equipment Screens
  • Noise Barriers
  • Housings

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Fiberglass Industrial Ventilation Products; Heavy Duty Dampers, Louvers & Ventilators

  • True-Round and Rectangular Dampers
  • Adjustable and Stationary FRP Louvers
  • FRP Slide Gates

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Lightweight design, quiet operation, variable speed reduces energy costs, 8” low profile

  • Commercial Series Air Curtains
  • Mars Air Doors

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National Systems

Carbon monoxide, diesel and welding fume removal systems

  • Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Handling Systems
  • Under-floor Exhaust Fume Removal Systems
  • Overhead Exhaust Fume Removal Systems
  • Diesel Exhaust Removal Systems
  • Welding Fume Removal Systems

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LC Systems

Manufacturers of commercial kitchen ventilation systems

  • Replacement Air Units
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Kitchen Hoods
  • Fire Suppression
  • Electric Controls

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  • Fabric Ducting & Diffusers

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